The E-Commerce market is rapidly growing. More and more consumers prefer buying online as it offers heavy discounts and lets one shop, sitting in the comfort of their homes. Studies show that 79.4% of internet users in Australia make purchases online. This is the second highest digital buyer penetration in Asia-Pacific, second only to Japan (82%). Any business worth its salt will want a pie of this Australian e-commerce market which has been growing in double-digit rates over the past few years. It is this booming market that drives the need for Magento developers in Adelaide.

Who are Magento Developers?  

Magento is a content management system for e-commerce websites. Magento, in e-commerce industry, has the largest market share and has powered more internet retailers than any other platform.  As is obvious from the name, Magento developers Adelaide are programmers who work with this platform in helping online merchants control the look and feel and the working of their online stores. At Cyber Networks, we provide support in performing key tasks such as the setup of a website and customizing it to the client’s liking.

How can Magento development be used to build an e-commerce site?

Magento helps build an effective back-end for a seamless business flow, and an attractive front end to offer an effortless shopping experience to the customer.  As it is a fully open source, one can use default options and also customize the platform to their business needs. Cyber Networks uses smart and efficient codes in order to build a platform for our clients. We provide custom web applications as well as consulting services and mobile app development.

Being an Adelaide development company and digital agency in Adelaide, we design and develop customer-friendly sites that are easy to use. Since e-commerce sites must have value for money as well, the sites that we build provide a high ROI.

The Advantages of Magento Development

  • User-Friendly Administration – Magento administration boasts of easy navigation and brilliant graphics. It incorporates well-organized management with a simple back-end.
  • Flexibility Since Magento is an open source software tool, the architecture allows to complete personalization with regard to design and functionality.
  • ExpansiveMagento makes it possible to support multiple products and transactions at one time. It can handle unforeseen surges, hence enabling faster growth of the site.
  • Mobile-FriendlyThe Magento administration is mobile-friendly, as it is compatible with these devices. The apps allow for integration of the store across multiple devices that you own, be it a tablet, a laptop or your mobile phone.
  • SEO FeaturesMagento development involves advanced SEO features. They can be used in multiple ways to reduce the many costs of digital marketing, and increase organic traffic on a website.
  • Strong SiteUsing Magento development can be beneficial in terms of providing strong and well built websites that are secure and stable.
  • Lack of DevelopersSince Magento development is a highly specialized field, though there is a large community, not many are well versed in the product. It takes highly skilled developers to provide optimum solutions for sites using Magento. Cyber Networks takes care of this lack in the market, with our team of trained and experienced Magento developers who provide support and consultancy services as well.

With the radically changing way in which business is done, every business must keep abreast of technological improvements to tap the full potential of technology for their business. Cyber Networks team is competent to overcome the cons of using this software as we specialize in consultation services, as well as providing quality work for local businesses.