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Web design is the process of planning, conceptualizing and designing a website to ensure that a site is attractive for customers using it. A web designer decides what comes where, how big a picture should be, what color the font should be, etc. With the tremendous amount of content on the internet, a netizen is bombarded every day with material screaming for attention. Today, people glance at words, rather than read them. A good design is what it takes to convert the glance into a curiosity to read. Without doubt, web design is a crucial aspect of website development.

What is website designing?

It is often mistaken that website designing is only about the visual aspects of a website. It is much more than that. Apart from designing the aesthetics of the site, web design includes the provision of usability, ergonomics and navigation logic. A responsive web design is easy to use to find information. Thus, it is the process of planning for a website including the information flow, site structure, user interfaces, layout, colour, imagery, fonts etc.

At Cyber Networks, we provide a holistic website designing product. Using state-of-the-art technology and contemporary designs, we ensure that the websites we provide are appealing to customers.

How to design a website

The team of web designers at Cyber Networks provides user-friendly and trendy designs that are compelling.

Designing a website requires planning and a clear vision that must be followed. The following are steps that must be followed to create and design a site:

  • Planning and Research – Research is of utmost importance. The best website designs come from inspiration that is borrowed from established sites and sites with quirky and creative layouts.
  • Deciding on Technicalities and Creating a Foundation – Before designing a website, one must be well informed about the type of language to use, the kind of fonts and user-interfaces to use, as well as writing an outline. The outline is to gather all ideas in one place before making the decision to go forward with the design plan. When content is planned before designing the site, it paves the way for well-planned web pages.
  • WireframesWireframes are the best way to put a plan into effect. They provide a clear picture of how the site will look, and is an easy way to revise the plan and incorporate ideas for how the site must look.
  • Designing Web PagesWeb pages must be designed before they are built. The layout of the site and the look of the web pages must be outlined before starting the process of web development.
  • DevelopmentAfter designing a web page, the site must be made functional. Since the design provides a base for the website, it must be used to deliver a smooth and well-functioning site.
  • TestingTesting is an important part of the process, as it provides a better look at problem areas. It ensures that all small issues are smoothed out to make way for a functional website.
  • MaintenanceMaintenance must be done on websites at regular intervals, to ensure that no there are no new problems on the site, and technical errors are kept to a minimum.

Stay ahead of the curve and create the best

At Cyber Networks, our website designers highly skilled. There are many technologies and tools at the disposal of our designers. Being a highly skilled web designing company in Australia, we offer relevant and user-friendly sites, while ensuring that the site improves the online presence of your brand.